Using information contained on your electricity bill and consumption interval data supplied by your electricity retailer, Think Energy is able to build a detailed electricity consumption cost profile.

Using information on the location of your business and the direction and pitch of your roof, Think Energy is able to build an electricity generation profile.

Think Energy then combines these two profiles for each half hourly interval over a 12 month period to calculate how much energy your business can save and what value it attached to those savings.  Set out below is an example consumption and generation profile and the savings that could be achieved each month.








































This information can then be used to build a cashflow forecast to determine the payback period and Internal Rate of Return (IRR) from purchasing a solar power system.  This eliminates much of the guesswork associated with the benefits of solar power, allowing informed decision making.

Think Energy are also able to present a range of financing options ranging from lease finance to Power Purchase Agreements (PPA).  Under a PPA, your business would not need to purchase or lease the equipment, this would be supplied and installed at no cost to your business.  Under a PPA your business would then purchase the electricity generated and consumed from the PPA provider.  The price at which your business purchases electricity from the solar power system would be lower than the cost of purchasing the same electricity from the grid.  In other words your business has an opportunity to save on energy costs without having to make capital expenditures.

Think Energy can present these alternatives and analyse the returns under each financing option allowing you to assess which option best suits your business’ needs.


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