The primary value of solar power today is its ability to offset the amount of electricity that needs to be imported from the grid.  For every KWH generated and consumed onsite, there is an avoided cost of importing that same KWH of electricity from the grid.

The cost of generating solar power, for many businesses is much cheaper than buying the same electricity from the grid.  This is because the cost of solar equipment has fallen while the cost of grid electricity has increased, particularly network cost which can be avoided with onsite generation.

In order to maximise the benefits of solar power it is important that the solar electricity is being generated within the same half hour interval as the business consumes electricity.  If the generation and consumption are in different intervals the solar power will not be offset against the grid electricity and the savings will be minimal.

Therefore the closer the solar generation profile matches the electricity consumption profile the greater the grid electricity offsets and the greater the savings.  This is where business are more fortunate than domestic consumers, because their electricity consumption profiles are generally a much better fit with solar generation profiles.

However, there is a lot a variations between business types and individual businesses within a business type.  It is therefore important to understand your consumption profile.  This is where Think Energy can help.

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