Think Energy is a company that specialises in LED lighting, solar power generation and other forms of energy efficient technology.  Think Energy can help homeowners and businesses identify the most appropriate technology for their circumstances and forecast the expected benefits allowing for an informed decision.

Many homes throughout Australia contain energy hungry halogen lamps and the owners mistakenly believe that because they are low wattage, they must be energy efficient.  Fortunately there is a low cost LED alternative that homeowners can easily install without having to replace other components such as drivers and gimbles, saving upto 80% on their lighting power consumption.  For more information, click on the LED tab on the main menu.

Many businesses don’t realise that their roof is an under-utilised asset that could be generating significant value.  The sun’s energy is a valuable resource that can be put to practical use generating electricity and creating significant savings through electricity bill reductions.

However, not all business are equal when it comes to solar power.  For many businesses it is a compelling investment, for others it is marginal or of little value.  The key factors that determine the suitability of solar are primarily the electricity consumption profile of the business, the cost of its grid electricity and the physical characteristics of its roof.

Think Energy can assist your business understand and value the potential for solar power.  If after analysis, solar power is the right fit for your business, we can project manage obtaining the necessary planning and network permits, assist with considering financing alternatives and manage the supply and installation of your system.

Call Think Energy today for a free consultation on 0488 444 379 or go to our “Contact Us” page.

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